Mahesh Babu : Don’t let your difficulties come to a halt.. We are here for you Mahesh Babu.. Hats off to Ghattamaneni fans..!

Mahesh Babu : Ghattamaneni fans were deeply saddened by the death of superstar Krishna. His films were once celebrated. After NTR and Aynar, Krishna is the only hero who has created a fan following similar to them. Krishna’s death puts Mahesh in more trouble. Earlier this year, Mahesh lost his elder brother Ramesh Babu on January 8. At that time, he was in the Covid quarantine and could not even see his elder brother. On September 28 this year, Mahesh took his mother Indira Devi away.

Mahesh has said many times that coffee in Amma’s hand makes him relax during the tense moments of movies. Now her going away made Mahesh more sad. And on November 15, Mahesh lost his godly father Krishna. Mahesh, who has lost three family members like brother, mother and father in a single year, feels that the hardship should not come to an end. Moreover, Ghattamaneni’s fans are offering their support on social media saying that you cannot bring back those who are far away from you but we will be with you forever.

ghattamaneni fans super support to Mahesh Babu this time

A huge number of fans came from both the Telugu states to have a last look at Krishna. No one can heal Mahesh Babu’s pain but fans are supporting him to give him moral strength. As the son of Superstar Krishna, Mahesh not only inherited his father’s actor legacy but also received a good personality. That’s why he is careful to have some message in his movies. Fans want Mahesh to do many more experiments inspired by Krishna’s films.


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