Mahesh Babu: Balayya made Mahesh laugh even in his sorrow.. Hats off fans!

Mahesh Babu: Mahesh Babu, who lost his father, has been deeply saddened since yesterday. Along with his fans, film and political celebrities also expressed their deepest sympathy to him for his successive tragedies. Nandamuri Balakrishna came to Padmalaya studio to pay tribute to Krishna’s body.

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On this occasion, Balayya remembered his relationship with Krishnagari and got overwhelmed. Balayya saw Mahesh facing successive tragedies and consoled Mahesh. In this process, Balayya brought a smile on the face of Mahesh who was in deep sadness since yesterday. Balayya makes Mahesh laugh in between their conversations and the pictures of this are going viral.

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Krishna and Mahesh’s fans are thanking Balayya for finally making Mahesh laugh when he was going through a tough time. Everyone knows about Balayya’s good heart. But, fans say hats off to Balayya who practically showed Mahesh to overcome difficulties and move forward with a smile.

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