Mahanati Savitri: This is the tragedy that happened in the climax of Mahanati Savitri’s life.

Mahanati Savitri : No special introduction is needed about Mahanati Savitri. The craze that she had at that time was not so much. Tollywood directors and producers were very keen to cast Savitri in their films. Not only the directors but also the star heroes of that time Senior NTR and ANNR used to wait for her dates. They believe that if she acts in their film, the film will be a hit. And Savitri hooked the Telugu audience with her beauty, acting and acting. At that time, when Savitri’s movie came out, many people watched the movie to see her. She acted so much to attract people.

Mahanati Savitri climax life very bad

And we know that she fell in love with Tamil hero Gemini Ganesan and got married. But he was already married. Savitri, who did not know that, was very sad after getting married. Besides, due to financial difficulties, she became addicted to alcohol. At one point she reached the point where she touched nothing but alcohol. Savitri, who is a guide to many as a senior actress, has been reduced to a situation where medicine is enough. It has hurt everyone. This habit eventually led to her illness. The lungs were completely damaged and the doctors decided not to touch alcohol.

But she did not hear. As a result, her children hid the bank books and did not give money. As Savitri argued that she would leave the house at night, they cut her off. But recently Savitri’s daughter Vijaya Chamundeshwari reacted to this incident. She said that we did it for the good of my mother, but at that time we did not think that we had done something wrong. However, it is very sad that Mahanati Savitri died in a horrible condition in her last days. Savitri was successful in terms of movies but she was not successful personally. In the end, he became addicted to alcohol and died in the worst condition.

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