Lip lock is important..Anu Emmanuel got a crazy offer..!?

The movie Urvashivo Rakshashivo released in Grandga theaters on 4th November. Allu’s heir Sirish is playing the hero in this movie, but hot beauty Emmanuel is playing the heroine. Allu Shirish’s acting beyond the limits in these movies has shocked the fans of Allu.

Even though the character is silent, he gets excited when sex is mentioned and the things he did while rolling around in the blanket became a success for the movie Plus. But if you think that Allu Sirish is bad, hot beauty Anu has surpassed him.. So far, the roles of Anu Emmanuel have all been soft roles.. People were shocked when they saw it in such a romantic high mood for the first time.

It is known what kind of performance Anu Emmanuel gave in the movie. Lip kisses if you talk ..bed scenes if you don’t talk ..Wammo made the boys sweat while watching the movie. Due to this effect, Ammadu got a chance in Bollywood itself. According to the information received, it is known that Anu is going to act in a Bollywood romantic high drama movie. In this movie, the same concept is known with the bed scenes. If the same is true, let’s see in which range Anu beauty will dry this time..!!


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