Like flies around bellam.. This is the reason why Vijay Devarakonda is surrounded by girls..!!

No matter how many stars there are in the film industry.. no matter how many young heroes there are.. all the present girls are chanting the same name. The same rowdy hero Vijay Devarakonda.. This Vijay Devarakonda, who has gained recognition as a rowdy hero in the Tollywood industry, is rocking Bollywood in a range. So far, he has not scored a single hit in Bollywood.. But more than half of the heroines in Bollywood are ready to lock lips with Vijay Deverakonda.

Why star daughter Janhvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan are also saying that they are ready to date Vijay Deverakonda’s crush. Even though there are big star hero sons in the industry, people are discussing what is the main reason why everyone revolves around Vijay Deverakonda. In this sequence, an interesting matter related to Vijay Devarakonda has become viral on social media. Vijay Devarakonda, who received classic heat with Pellichoopulu, turned into an attitude hero with Arjun Reddy as a mass hero.

Fans like Vijay Deverakonda after seeing his attitude in the upcoming Arjun Reddy movie.. especially girls like heroes who behave sexy than silent boys.. Because of this, the news that Vijay Deverakonda is liked by more people is now trending as a hot topic. . Moreover, many heroines in our Telugu industry are ready to act with Vijay Deverakonda. Samantha, who gained popularity as a Tollywood star heroine the other day, is well known for her comments about Vijay Devarakonda. She openly said that the industry needs a hero like Vijay Deverakonda. It is for this reason that girls like Vijay Devarakonda more and more on social media.

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