Like a lion on the hunt.

With the release date of ‘Pushpa-2’ approaching, the makers have increased the speed of promotions. The recently released song ‘Suseki Aggiravva Madiri Untade Na Sami’ is impressing the audience to a great extent. Two or three stills of Bunny have already been released as ‘Pushparaj’. Also, two or three looks of Rashmika were also released. And the song ‘Pushpa Pushpa Pushparaj…’ is playing in two Telugu states.

If this is the case, one of the latest updates related to this movie is heard. It is about the ‘Pushpa-2’ interval. Director Sukumar has planned this interval scene as a huge action sequence. In this fight, Allu Arjun looks like a rampaging lion. The information is that this action sequence will be the highlight of the movie. It is known that Devisree Prasad is singing for this film which is being produced by Maitri Movie Makers. This movie will release on August 15.

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