Leo Movie | What is the connection between Prabhas Munna’s film and Vijay Leo?

Leo Movie | Remember the movie Munna directed by Vamsi Paidipally with Prabhas as the hero..! Like the roles of Prabhas and Prakash Raj as the son who takes revenge on Kanna’s father, Vijay and Sanjay Dutt are going to play the roles in Leo. That is, many people have the same doubt when they see the recently released poster. Sanjay Dutt is Vijay’s father in Leo. The talk of the Chennai circles is that the story of this movie is going to be with the concept of taking revenge on Sanjay Dutt who is reigning as a gangster. More or less like Munna Katha.. The conflict between Prabhas and Prakash Raj is the same between Sanjay Dutt and Vijay in Leo.

Arjun Sarja, who appeared as Antony Das, is going to play Vijay’s elder brother in Leo. It is reported that Sanjay Dutt will play the role of elder son. I don’t know what the truth is, but this story line is causing a stir on social media. Vamsi Paidipalli could not handle the action properly and the movie flopped but.. in terms of story, Munna was a good story for that time. And now, if the movie comes with such a background concept, the audience is sure to be surprised. Because Lokesh’s performance cannot be underestimated.

He is the director who has not known failure so far. Moreover, the flash back episode in this movie will make you cringe. Leo movie will book the Dussehra slot before everyone else and run in the same direction. Even though it is more than a month before the release, the film team is slowly completing the post production work. Being the film directed by Lokesh after Vikram, there are no usual expectations on Leo. It is known that the business calculations are more than two and a half crores. The entire talkie part is already complete. At present, post-production work including dubbing is coming to a close. Since it is a pan India release, this time, Gatra is planning a bit of big scale promotions.

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