Leo Movie | 30 crores in three days.. Leo is creating havoc in Telugu..!

Leo Movie | Among the Dussehra releases, the movie Leo was released with tremendous hype. There has been a lot of hype about this movie since before its release. More importantly, half of the people went to the theaters with the curiosity of whether this movie was made as a part of LCU or not. The movie Leo, which was released yesterday amid huge expectations, failed to meet everyone’s expectations. Leo could not fully satisfy the audience who went to the theaters hoping that it would be in the range of Khaidi and Vikram movies. But many say that the action scenes are of high standards and Lokesh’s mark is missing at some places.

But the flow of collection is not stopping. Compared to the first day, the collections have decreased a bit, but it doesn’t matter. This movie is not popular in Telugu either. It looted Rs.30 crores within three days. It has to be said that it is remarkable that the films of Bhagwant Kesari and Tiger Nageswara Rao are also achieving collections in this range. Leo movie has collected Rs. 300 crore gross worldwide so far.

Looking at the momentum of this movie, it is seen that the break even will be completed in two or three days and profits will be made. But it remains to be seen whether this movie will have any effect on the divided talk collections. Anirudh Ravichander has composed the music for this movie, which stars Trisha as the heroine.

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