Learn Telangana accent!

I played a pivotal role in the film ‘Dasara’. With a universal storyline, this film will connect with people of all languages,’ said Kannada actor Dixit Shetty. He played a pivotal role in the movie ‘Dussehra’. Directed by Srikanth Odela with Nani as the protagonist, this film will be released pan India on 30th of this month. On this occasion, Dixit Shetty said ‘I will be seen in the role of my close friend Suri in this film. It is a pleasure to be a part of a Pan India film like ‘Dussehra’. I did the web series ‘Meet Cute’. Seeing my performance in it, they gave me an opportunity in ‘Dussehra’. Learned Telangana accent for this movie. Learned a lot about the customs and traditions here. I traveled with Nani for ten months during the shooting. He became a great star because of his good discipline. I got a lot of inspiration from Nani. In Kannada too, there was a good craze for the movie ‘Dussehra’. I am confident that there will be a big success there as well” he said.

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