Lambasingi | A new movie coming to OTT within two weeks!

Lambasingi | Lambasinghi is a film starring Bigg Boss beauty Divi Vadya as the heroine. Devi worked hard for this beautiful love story. She was also very active in the promotions of the movie. But none of them could attract the audience to the theatre. This movie failed at the box office. This movie, which failed in theaters, is ready to test its luck in OTT. It has also fixed the timing for streaming in OTT.

Lambasinghi is a beautiful love story between a police constable and a Naxalite daughter in Visakhapatnam. After many years of waiting, Devi’s wish to become a heroine has been fulfilled with this film. But she could not see the taste of success. The movie, which was released on March 15, could not bring the audience to the theaters. As the theatrical run of the film ends within two weeks, the makers have planned to bring it into OTT as soon as possible. Lambasinghi movie will be streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar from 2nd April.

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