Kriti Shetty | There are so many action scenes.. Bold scenes too.. Kritishetti who is open

Kriti Shetty | Kannada Bhama Kriti Shetty came like a ‘surge’ and stole the hearts of the Telugu audience. Impressed with her beauty and acting in the first movie, Kriti is making her way into Tollywood with a series of opportunities. Andala Bebamma, who once again appeared in front of the audience with ‘The Warrior’..

Through bilingual films, the audience of both languages ​​is getting closer. I am happy to have the opportunity to entertain the Kollywood audience with ‘The Warrior’. I saw the movie ‘Aavaara’ directed by Linguswamy. Heroine roles are very important in his films. There is scope for acting.

Born in a Kannada family, I grew up in Mumbai. I did my degree in psychology. I love learning about people. Before entering films, I was a little afraid of what the career would be like. But ‘Uppena’ got a good response in Telugu and Tamil languages. Many opportunities are coming. Have already learned Telugu and Tamil
Even learning.

Whatever film I accept, I first adapt myself to suit that role. I write notes about the role I will play in the film. My responsibility is to entertain the audience. No matter how hard it is to execute it properly. That’s why, even if you are under pressure, be careful in your choice of stories. While listening to the story, I decide whether the role suits me or not. Mom’s opinion will be taken for sure before accepting the film.

Accept liplocks and bold scenes only if the story requires it. It’s all part of acting. There are a lot of action scenes.. Bold scenes are the same.. I don’t watch them otherwise. But many look down on those who act in romantic scenes. To talk about the relationship between the heroines, there must be romantic scenes. I will not accept it at all if it is added unnecessarily.

My dream is to act in action roles. Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu are my favorite heroes. I want to act next to them. The success of the movies ‘Bangarraju’ and ‘Shyamsingarai’ boosted my confidence. Currently going to act in another film with Naga Chaitanya. I am doing films like ‘Macharla Constituency’ with Nitin, and ‘Aa Teregi Sahihi Ukke Keraali’ with Sudhir Babu. If Sudheer Babu is in the movie, he looks like a perfect Telangana girl.

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