Kriti Sanon | Those words hurt!

Kritisanan expressed her displeasure with Bollywood hero Varun Dhawan’s behavior. She gently warned that it is not a good practice to mention personal matters in a realty show without her permission. ‘Kriti is in love with a person. He is a pan India hero. Varun Dhawan made indirect comments about Prabhas in a reality show a few months ago saying that he is currently participating in a Hyderabad shoot. With his words, the news that there is a love affair between Prabhas and Kritisasan became a hot topic. But Kritisanan has just given an explanation about this matter. She clarified that Prabhas is her good friend and there is no love affair between the two.

In a recent interview, Kritisanan expressed her feelings that Varun Dhawan’s words hurt her. She said, ‘I never expected that Varun Dhawan would speak like that. When Prabhas was told about this on the phone, he was also surprised saying, ‘Why did Varun have to talk like that’, said Kritisanan. The pan India mythological film ‘Adipurush’ starring her opposite Prabhas will hit the screens in June.

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