Krishna Vrinda Vihari Review | Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review

Cast: Nagashaurya, Shirley Sethia, Radhika, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, Satya, Brahmaji etc.
Cinematography: Saisreeram
Music: Mahati Swarasagar
construction company: Aira Creations
Producer: Usha Mulpuri
Direction: Anish R Krishna
The young hero Nagashaurya shows his own taste in the choice of the story. From the beginning of his career, he has been traveling by choosing innovative subjects. But he reached the audience well through romantic and family entertainers. It seems to be the safe zone in Nagashaurya’s career. With that, he once again came to the audience with a family entertainer like ‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’ in a self-produced company. And let’s know how much this movie impressed the audience..

About the story..

Krishna Chari (Nagashaurya) is a young man from a traditional Brahmin family. Mother Amritavalli (Radhika) does not obey the word. He comes to Hyderabad for a job from an Agraharam in Konaseema. Working in a software company, he falls in love at first sight with his team leader, Vrinda (Shirley Sethia). Vrinda is a young woman with modern sensibilities. She wants to live her life freely according to her wishes. Vrinda initially rejects Krishna’s love as both have different backgrounds and thoughts. Later she changes her mind after learning about Krishna’s goodness. But Vrinda has a problem. Krishna tells them about it at home and makes it a condition that they agree to the marriage. Krishna lies at home and gets married. What happened after that? The rest of the story is the twists and turns in the couple’s married life.

Story Analysis..

Written by director Anishkrishna, this romantic family entertainer does not have anything new in terms of story. If we look at the background of the story, some movies from the past come to mind. Although there are many films with the stories of heroines with different family backgrounds and thoughts, the audience feels the novelty in the way they are brought to the screen. In these types of themes, it is possible to develop enough conflict and emotions. Director Anish Krishna also tried to drive the story mainly through family emotions and comedy. The first half was mainly entertainment. The scenes between Nagashaurya, Satya and Rahul Ramakrishna are full of laughs. The story takes a bit of a turn when Vrinda reveals her problem. The wedding ceremony before the interval was entertaining.

The story took an emotional turn in the second half. Vrinda does not get along with his family and Krishnachari gets into a conflict. The scenes in this background were emotional. The quarrel between the in-laws was entertaining. Vennela Kishore’s coma in the highlight moments spread laughter throughout the episode. In the second half, that episode was the highlight of Asantham. All the scenes of Iklemax went according to the imagination of the audience. The story ends happily without any twists. The director has succeeded in making the simple story entertaining with new twists. His effort to deliver a clean family entertainer paid off. But I feel that it would have been better to write a strong love story in this movie. The love scenes between the heroines and their journey towards marriage gives the feeling that some emotion is missing. Even showing employees like oncers in a software company is not convincing at all.

Performance of actors

Naga Shaurya is well suited for this type of stories. Once again he impressed with his performance. His screen presence is also good. The heroine Shirley Sethia is not fair. Her own dubbing is not good. Radhika impressed with her style in the role of mother. Her acting is good in Patakaghatts. The characters of Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, Satya and Brahmaji provided good entertainment. The rest of the characters have acted according to the ranges. The film is technically superior in every aspect. Saisreeram’s cinematography seemed colorful. Along with the two songs, the visuals in them are also impressive. As Nagashaurya is a self-produced company, there is no compromise on cost. Build values ​​are good.


‘Krishna Vrinda Vihari’ is an attempt to provide a clean family entertainer to the audience. Good family emotions and comedy mainly impresses the audience.

Rating: 2.75/5

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