Krishna Vamsi: ‘My heart broke while doing that scene with Ramya Krishna’.. Krishna Vamsi was in tears..

Creative director Krishnavamshi’s latest film is Rangamarthanda. Everyone’s curiosity has already increased about this movie which he is opening after a long gap. Ramyakrishna, Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam played the lead roles in it. The movie will hit the screens on March 22 after all the programs have been completed. Movie celebs who have already seen the premiere shows are giving a positive review of the movie. Actors.. are showering praises on Krishnavamsi’s taking. Comments are being made that Krishnavamshi has touched everyone’s hearts. In this sequence, Krishnavamshi, who participated in an interview as part of the promotional activities of this movie, made interesting comments regarding Ramyakrishna’s role.

“I have designed the character of Ramyakrishna in a very powerful way. Any decision in our house is taken by my wife. If we take a decision in Ramya’s absence, she suggests changes and additions. But I don’t really care. Ramya has powerful eyes. She agreed to do this film only after being told that she should act with her eyes instead of screaming and shouting. She did her own makeup and hair style. He always goes ahead with a vision.

I had a lot of trouble shooting a scene on her in the climax. Actually I was very sad while writing that scene. The shoot was done for about 36 hours. Sentiment prevented him from portraying himself in that scene. But right.. Tears kept coming while shooting. I could not sleep properly that night. In a way, I turned my heart into a stone and shot,” said Krishnavamshi, who became emotional.

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