Korata’s impatience with Megastar… Acharya’s disaster is caused by fire…?

Whatever the reasons for Acharya’s defeat, Chiranjeevi’s direct and indirect comments that it is the reason of Koratala Shiva are causing a stir in the industry circles. When a movie flops, such a big hero should leave it and concentrate on the next movies. But Chiru is repeatedly blasting satires as the reason for Acharya’s flop. It is said that the reason for the plapna is lack of water.

A senior hero like Megastar should not have talked about Acharya’s defeat all the time. This movie left huge losses for everyone. Chiru’s short career has many hits as well as disasters. Above all, why this movie is bothering him the most is that Chiru and Cherry acted together for the first time in this movie. Talking about this, Chiru said that even if he and Cherry acted together again, there would not be so much craze and hype.

Chiru has already tried to blame Acharya’s flop three or four times. It seems that Koratala, who is already tired of Chiru targeting her, is now expressing her impatience with Chiru. It seems that Koratala’s close friends are angry that the real Acharya is responsible for the flop.

Koratala Soumyudu.. does not like to go to controversies. Before Acharya, everything directed by Koratala was a hit. Moreover, Posani Krishna Murali will have full support for Koratala. If anyone had commented on the choruses of this song, Posani would have come in line and played them. It is a situation where even Posani can’t do anything even though Chirue himself is repeatedly saying Koratala.

Actually, the Koratala team is saying that Acharya has become such a disaster because Chiru put his finger in the story. Finally, as the shooting is tomorrow, they are saying that even today there are occasions where many scenes have been changed. Kajal was thought to be the heroine first. When she refused, the story was changed at will. Later Pooja Hegde was brought.

If Cherry’s character lasted 15 minutes, it was well stretched in the second half. There are many reasons behind Acharya’s platitude that there are many reasons for Karna’s death. It is also a mistake to make changes in his story along with small self-indulgence. No one likes to forget all that and now talk as if he has done everything wrong. That is why even Koratala is not criticizing Chiru, but he is still angry inside.

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