Kiss scene with heroines to fulfill wishes?

Kiss scenes with heroines to fulfill wishes? Recently, some analysts have been thinking about these arguments. The scenes in some which the hero-heroine has an inappropriate kissing scene, one gets the same doubt. Each shot in the film has a specific calculation. Why did this scene.. Why is an actor working so hard to make the scene bloody? Why are they trying to entertain the audience? That means it is the writers.. writing with a lot of thought.. the care taken by the directors to mold it.

The cost of the producer. Heroines also work hard if their role is strong in the story. Whether they want to do comedy, or act emotionally, they act with passion even after putting on make-up. However, due to the influence of Bollywood movies, masala scenes are becoming too much in our South movies, especially in Telugu movies.

It has become a big commercial formula. If you go to the producer to narrate the story, it is ironic that he asks in advance how many times the hero-heroines will kiss in the film. Not only the producer, the director, the heroines are also asking for the same. A heroine can demand more remuneration if she gives more kisses. Thinking about the same, they are curiously asking about the kiss scenes.

And some directors are kissing the heroine by saying that they should show the scene themselves. If you are a hero, even if the shot is perfect, they are getting ready to take another take with the desire that they can kiss one more time. Heroines are also waiting for this. In a way, whatever one wants, one gets it. All wishes come true. That’s why kissing scene has become mandatory in any movie now.

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