Kiran Abbavaram Young hero Kiran Abbavaram is about to get married..! The bride is the heroine..!

Kiran Abbavaram Tollywood’s young hero Kiran Abbavaram will get married soon. It seems that the time for the engagement has already been finalized. It is reported that both will be engaged on 13th of this month. However, everyone is inquiring saying that there is no bride. The heroine of Kiran Abbavaram’s first film ‘Rajavaru Ranigaru’ is going to marry the mysterious Gorak. There were reports that the two fell in love with the first movie. Talk in Tollywood that although they were friends in the beginning, it turned into love later. In the past, both of them went on many vacations as a couple.

Even though the two tried to hide their love, the photos shared by the two on social media could be known because the location was the same in the background. However, Kiran Abbavaram tribe got embarrassed when they heard the secret name in an interview last year. In love with a secret? When asked.. He hesitated to answer but skipped the real point. Recently, the two have decided to take their five-year-old love to marriage. It is known that their engagement will be held at a resort in Hyderabad on Wednesday. It is reported that only family members and close friends have been invited.. The wedding will take place in August. On the other hand, fans are wishing the couple good luck.

Meanwhile, Kiran Abbavaram made his debut as a hero with the movie ‘Rajavaru Ranigaru’. After that he acted in films like SR Kalyanamandapam, Sebastian PC, Sammatame, I am the one who wants you better, Vinarobhagyamu Vishnu Katha, Meter, Rules Ranjan. It seems that he is currently acting in a movie. Ruksar Dhillon will be seen as the heroine in this film. The shooting has also reached its final stage.. The title of Dil Ruba has been finalized for this film. However, after making her debut in the secret Gorak Rajavaru Ranigaru, she acted as the heroine in the Tamil film ‘Sharbat’. He did not do any other film after that.





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