Kirak Rp : Jabardasth comedian who closed the curry point saying that the business has become more successful.

Kirak Rp : Artist Kirak Rp gained fame with Jabardast. After that, RP is busy appearing in other TV shows and movies and is going to do Directone soon. He recently announced that he got engaged to the girl he loves and is going to get married soon. But a few days ago, Kirak RP entered the food business. There is good demand for food business in Hyderabad. There is even more demand for curry points.

Since Kirak RPD is Nellore, he grandly opened a curry point named Nellore Peddareddy Fish Soup in Kookat Palli to provide the famous Nellore Fish Soup to the people here. Fish items are very special in this curry point along with curries found everywhere. Fish soup, Bommidai soup, Koraminu soup, Sannachepala soup, Rava fish soup, Fish head soup… All these are cooked on wood stove with fish brought from Nellore. Earlier, Kirak RP said that if this curry point is well clicked, he will open 15 more branches of Nellore Peddareddy fish soup curry points in Hyderabad.

But this curry point was more successful than expected. It is remarkable that RP has closed this curry point even though Roja Vanda is not enough, people are still coming and the profits are also good. RP opened this very simple and small curry point in Kookat Palli. Even though he cooks everyday as usual, he could not maintain it with more people coming than expected, he could not provide food to so many people, Kirak RP closed this curry point as there were too many people near the shop.

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Kirak RP said on this.. Curry Point was more successful than I thought. But I am sorry that I am not able to provide to all the people who come. That’s why he said that he will increase the kitchen capacity and bring some more women from Nellore to cook the fish soup and open it bigger in a month. Because of this, if the business increases, steps should be taken to increase it while running, but everyone is wondering why it should be closed like this and opened more heavily. All in all, RP was very successful with his Nellore fish soup. He is going to be more successful soon.

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