Kinnerasani | Megastar Alludi movie directly into OTT?

Kinnerasani Movie On OTT | Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son – in – law Kalyan Dev is working hard to become a hero. But he is struggling with the choice of stories. Choosing routine stories disappoints the audience. Kalyan, who made his film debut with ‘Vijeta’, did not seem to be bothered with the first film. But the ‘Super Machi’ that came after that was the biggest flop. Most people do not know what the original movie was about. Currently, his latest film ‘Kinnera Sani’ is ready for release.

It is learned that the makers of the film, which was made before ‘Super Machi’, tried to release it in theaters but could not. That is why the makers thought that the film should be released directly on OTT. The film is set to air on GT5 from June 10 on OTT. The film, which opens as a suspense thriller, was directed by Raman Teja. Kalyandev is paired with Anshit and Kashish Khan as the heroines. The film was produced by Ram Thalluri under the banner of SRT Entertainments and Shubham Entertainments with music by Mahathi Swarasagar.

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