Kiara gave a cracking answer to them saying that they are not big.

After social media became available.. trolling on star heroines is more and more. Trolling even if you do good .. Trolling if you do bad. Trolling if you reply to a message is trolling even if you don’t reply. More importantly, after the social media became available, the comments made on the heroine’s physique are getting out of bounds day by day.

We know that a comment made by a netizen on Bollywood star beauty Kiara Advani’s upper body has gone viral on social media. He said in public that her breasts are very small. Kiara Advani got angry and gave him a cracking answer. With a natural body.. while doing workouts, she increased the size of her upper body and exposed her upper body in a photo shoot. The people who saw this photo shoot are saying that the netizen did this to make him wiser.

Moreover, Kiara Advani is getting angry for doing hot photo shoots like this. Someone said without intelligence..What happened to your intelligence.. They are angry saying that you do that without shame. Not only that, recently Kiara Advani has done a photo shoot for Haddulu Meeri. Kiara Advani tempts the boys with her hot thise, fully exposed, covering her upper body with a small button. Moreover, a crazy rumor that she is going on a honeymoon with Bollywood hero Siddharth is also trending on social media. She is being trolled on social media because of the worst things she does from time to time.

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