Khushi Movie | Khushi Movie Frustration Song Promo Release..!

Khushi Movie Songs | There are no usual expectations among the audience about Khushi, which is going to be released in a week. Especially the family audience is showing great interest in this movie. It should be said that it is remarkable that a huge disaster like Ligar is doing business in the range of Rs.60 crores. Already all the songs including the trailer have been instantly uploaded to the masses. If all these are put together, the live performance of Vijay and Samantha in Khushi’s music concert held yesterday brought an unexpected range of buzz. Director Nirvana also gave a heavy statement that the couple who came to the movie will bring unforgettable memories. With that one word, movie lovers are very positive about this movie. This movie, which is going to be released in a grand theater on September 1, has now increased the speed of promotions.

As part of the promotion, the film unit has recently released the 5th song promo of this movie. Frustration song promo which was released as OC Pellama is really impressing the listeners. The song is sung by Hesham Abdul Wahad and sung by Rahul Sipleiganj and Saket. Director Siva Nirvana has provided the score. The makers announced that the full song of this song will be released on August 26. It is remarkable that Siva Nirvana has provided the lyrics for all the songs in this movie. After Swargiya Dasari Narayana Rao, perhaps Siva Nirvana has the honor of providing lyrics for all the songs in one film.

Samantha will act opposite Vijay in this movie which is being produced by Mythri Movie Makers. Actually this movie was supposed to release two months earlier. But the shooting got delayed due to Samantha suffering from myositis. So the release of this movie was postponed to September. Moreover, earlier this film was planned to be released only in Telugu and Tamil languages. But now preparations are being made to release it at pan India level. Vijay is also doing promotions in a huge range.

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