Keke head, face injuries ..? Reasons for postmortem ..!

Kolkata: Leading Bollywood singer Krishnakumar Kunnath died suddenly on Tuesday night. Participants in the live event were informed that he had fallen ill. He then collapsed after arriving at the hotel. He was rushed to the Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) around 10.30 pm where doctors pronounced him dead. However, when the news came that Keke had died of a heart attack, the full cause was not known.

Doctors at SSKM Hospital will conduct a postmortem on his body shortly. The cause of death in the postmortem report is clear. However, another shocking thing came to light regarding Keke’s death. Information that KK had bruises on his head and face at the time of his arrival at the hospital. Need to know how the injury happened. Died of injury? Or died of a heart attack? The matter will be revealed in the postmortem report.

Police, on the other hand, have registered a case over Keke’s death. Police have registered a case of extraordinary death. Event organizers and hotel staff are likely to be questioned by police. Meanwhile, KK’s family members reached Kolkata from Mumbai. After the postmortem, KK will move the body to Mumbai. However, CM Mamata Banerjee said the West Bengal government would salute the gun at the airport.

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