Keerthy Suresh: ‘The past is like a test for me’ .. Keerthi Suresh’s tweet going viral ..

Keerthy Suresh: Actress Keerthi Suresh has become a top actress in her own time. Beauty owns a craze that is nowhere to be found even in a few movies made. The beauty, who mesmerized the audience with her amazing performance in the film ‘Mahanati’, won a national award. The film went on to receive several super hits in Telugu as well as Tamil, after which it suffered some setbacks.

Lady Orient films like Miss India, Penguin, Good Luck Sakhi did not do as well as expected at the box office. However, with the recent release of ‘Sarkaru Vari Pata’ and ‘Chinni’, the fame has returned to form. Two huge successes filled Josh at once in her. Fame is enjoying two back-to-back victories that come after a series of defeats.

She was also a little emotional about this. An interesting letter was posted on Twitter. Fame in this letter .. ‘Being an actress is a journey with many challenges. We see many ups and downs. These often determine our destination. Some time has passed and it is exam time for me. I understand that I need to constantly strive to show my performance to the world, ”wrote Kirti.

The government, which has provided two more successes, has given credit to their song and short filmmakers. Kirti also said that her strength is not her fans and that she is in this position now because of them and she is very grateful for this.

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