Ke Huy Quan | He went as a refugee.. won an Oscar.. this is the story of Kay Hui who won the best actor award.

Ke Huy Quan | Oscar Awards Ceremony. The names of the winners are announced. Awardees react. Everything is going smoothly. But, the words of Kay Hui, who received the award for the best supporting actor, touched the hearts of the listeners. ‘Being a survivor of a refugee camp, coming to Oscar is a dream come true. They think that such things happen only in movies. But it is possible in real life too’ said Kay Hui. Those words prove that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Ignite the desire for success.

Five Decades ago.. Kay Hui was born in Vietnam. Eight children in total. marginal income. The thunderbolt of war fell on the family that was carrying a heavy load. The future is dangerous. That family wanted to leave the country. But it is understood that it is not so easy for so many people to hide in one place. They took the lead with a stone heart. The tree was born together.

A situation that must not be separated. The father left for Hong Kong with five children. The mother traveled to Malaysia with the remaining three children. Hui went to Hong Kong with his father and hid in a refugee camp there for a year. He spent time in fear of attacks. Meanwhile, the doors of America were opened for refugees. The whole family reached America. Met there.

Hui grew up in California. Hollywood was impressed there. He thought that if he gets a chance, he can live well. In that effort, he got a small role in Indiana Jones movie. But none of that helped his career. For 13 years, only unimportant roles came. So he stopped acting and did a film making course. He tried for another career behind the camera. Even then, there were not many opportunities. But not disappointed.

He worked as a stunt choreographer for twenty years. Acted as Assistant Director. He did various things. But did not settle anywhere. ‘No matter how bad my career has been for these 20 years, the main reason why I have continued is my wife! Courage said that a time will come for me. She made sure I didn’t get frustrated,’ says Hui. Finally the day came. Hui got a good role in the movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. Soon after that another opportunity came in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’. The film team put a lot of tests to find out if Hui can do the role. Their faith did not waver. He became the life of the movie. He also received an Oscar award. After 38 years, he became the first Asian to receive the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

‘Dreams are our life. We have to believe in our dreams. Dream about your goal. Survive it at all costs’ Kay Hui concluded his Oscar speech. Whenever we feel disappointed, we should remember Ke Hui’s words and his journey behind those words.

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