‘Katappa’ of ‘Bahubali’ danced fiercely with the convict of Rajiv Gandhi assassination, many leaders also came on this occasion

Actor Satyaraj, who made his place in everyone’s heart overnight by playing the role of ‘Katappa’ in ‘Bahubali’, is in the headlines these days. In fact, in a program organized through Rajiv Gandhi assassination convict Perarivalan, ‘Katappa’ of ‘Bahubali’ i.e. Satyaraj had attended. He danced fiercely on the stage with Perarivalan. Actually, Perarivalan organized this program on the birthday of his parents. Many leaders also participated in this program organized through him.

In fact, Perarivalan, convicted of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, had organized this program only to celebrate the birthdays of his mother Arputhammal and father Kuyil Dasan and he had also invited many leaders to his celebration. ‘Katappa’ of ‘Bahubali’ danced fiercely in this program.

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The pictures that came out of the program are telling how Sathyaraj is swaying his feet to the tune of the music and during this many other people are also dancing with him on the stage.

For your information, let us tell you that Perarivalan, convicted of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination, remained in jail for 30 years. After this the Supreme Court released him. Actually, this order was given by the Supreme Court because Perarivalan’s treatment of people inside the jail was good. Perarivalan was granted bail by the Supreme Court on March 9.

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