Karthika Deepam 22 Sep Today Episode : The plan made by Maunita…Suddenly shocked by the plan…!

Karthika Deepam 22 Sep Today Episode : Karthika Deepam. This serial impresses the fans with many twists and turns. This serial was recently released today. Now let’s see the highlights of today episode 1464… Hima is leaving home after writing a letter. Then Anandarao gets sad while reading that letter. Then he is afraid of how to tell Soundarya about that. Cut to Maunita, Karthik taking Anand and going to a village. Deepa is also following behind their car in another car. Seeing her, Deepa thinks that you must be crazy. After going a little further, they hit one of the clothes that Maunita had set and made it as it was and put the name board of Karthik and Maunita on it. Karthik shows it and says that we set up a clothes shop here after we got married.. Karthik asks why did we leave from now on.. Maunita says that there are no bargains here and that’s why we left. And Deepa also saw that board and put up a clothes shop here and there.

It is doubtful that this will do anything. If cut, Anandya calls Soundarya about Hima. Then Soundarya gets sad and says what are these kids doing like this.. Ok Saurya was here so it goes near it so I will go there and you also come. If we cut, Karthik will be taken to a town and while he is getting off the car, there will be some people who have set the silence and will come near Gabagaba wadi and start drama. How are you Karthik Babu? how are you While saying how is your babu, mom, how is Mounitamma, Karthik Bitthiri looks at him. Then one of them says that I am Surammatni. Deepa, who is seeing all this, is doing all this to trick Karthik, Dr. Babu says, “I have to go before I get tricked by Dr. Babu, this is not your town.. these are not them.. while one of the crowd said, “Should I leave them? Are you still chasing me?”. Deepa scolds you.

Karthika Deepam 22 September 2022 full episode

This is a trick for Kartik on Deepa, a woman whose love RMP doctor has left her. She used to cook in your house and it got crazy on you. Saying that. Then Deepa cries and silences all this. Don’t believe it. I am your wife and you have tied a clapper around my neck. While crying…Karthik suddenly stop cooking..should you believe what these people say..should you believe what you say..why are you talking to so many people…change and live a better life and go away from there. Then Deepa suddenly cries loudly. She kept crying thinking, God, what should I do now? If you cut, while thinking about Soundarya, Ananda Rao, Hima… Ananda Rao, some big curse has happened to our house. That’s why our son and daughter-in-law are away. Now the granddaughter is moving away. He keeps saying that. Then an inspector calls Soundarya and gives her a silent number. If it is cut, Maunita will come home and happy with the dose given to Deepa. Karthik’s suspicion is gone when Karthik says… it is gone.

Monita says sorry for making you sad for so many days. Now the tribe is happy, Monita. Meanwhile, Soundarya calls. Maunita picks up the phone and says hello.. Soundarya asks who are you on the other side. Then you call me and ask me what.? We have a boutique, Monita asks what do you want. Then Soundarya, when I say Soundarya, Karthik’s doll falls down and says look Karthik. On the other side, Soundarya listens to what Kartik is saying and says Monita, Monita hangs up the phone. Soundarya gets suspicious and approaches Maunita. Seeing Maunita, Kartik asks what happened when the phone came. Oh, it’s not because of the phone, Karthik says we went to town today.. we got a bit tied, I look like that to you. Then Karthik says go and sleep why are you sitting there. Then she says that it is Karthik… Soundarya aunty is confused as to what to do when she comes here. We have to wait for tomorrow’s episode to know what happened next…

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