Kantha Rao : Sons of yesteryear star hero who want to help..

Kantha Rao : Actor ‘Kantha Rao’ who acted in competition with heroes like Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao and Akkineni Nageswara Rao. Apart from Telugu, this senior hero has acted in more than four hundred films including mythological, social and folk tales in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam films. He has produced about five films as a producer.

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Kantha Rao is known for playing the roles of Narada, Krishna and Arjuna. He acted as Lakshmana in the blockbuster film Lavakusa. But now his sons are in a very bad condition. They are asking Telangana government to help them. Kantarao, who once reigned as a star hero, got into a lot of problems after accumulating wealth.

“We, who once lived in a big bungalow in Madras, in our own house, now live in Addi’s house. My father Kantha Rao sold his property and made films, now our situation is very bad. Kantha Rao’s sons are appealing to the Telangana government saying, “Please allot us a house of our own”. And let’s see if any of the film industry leaders will respond to their situation.

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