Kantara: Nirmala Sitharaman watched the movie Kantara..

Kantara: Released as a normal movie in Kannada, the movie “Kantara” is creating a sensation across the country. The movie, which was released in September, received great success in Kannada, and the movie makers translated it into other languages ​​and released it. This movie has once again proved that if the story is good, the audience will support it regardless of regional differences.

Kantara: Is Rishabh the first hero of Kantara?

Based on the rural traditions of Karnataka, this movie makes everyone feel like they have seen a new story. Recently the Indian Finance Minister also watched this film. She watched the movie with family and close friends in Bangalore this Wednesday. Stating this.. “The Kantara movie has shown the customs of Tuluvanadu and Karavali in Kannada very well.

Writer, director and actor Rishabh Shetty has not only given an excellent performance, but has also shown the way of life and customs of the rural areas very well,” Nirmala Sitharaman praised Rishabh. The film is produced by Hombale Films, the makers of Kejif films. This movie has already received collections of Rs. 300 crores.

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