kantara-2 Movie | Kantara-2 will come.. but not a sequel..!

kantara-2 Movie | ‘Kantara’ was one of the biggest hits of last year. Released as a short film, it created a sensation at the box office. The movie was released in Kannada amid huge expectations in September last year and got positive talk from the first day and collected huge collections. And with the support coming to this movie, there has been a huge demand from the audience of all languages. So the makers dubbed it in many languages ​​and released it. The film was released in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam along with Telugu. It became a double blockbuster by achieving huge collections in every language it was released.

While this movie has set new records not only in terms of collections but also in awards. It is also one of the ten films nominated for Oscar from India. If this is the case, it is known that the part-2 of this movie will be released. In the past, Rishabh Shetty has said several times that he has no intention of making part-2. But due to the huge demand from the audience, the second part is being planned. But he decided to make the second part as a prequel rather than a sequel. In the second part, the talk is going to show the life of Rishabh’s father and his death. As part of this, Rishab recently went to the coastal region of Karnataka. The makers are planning to take this film to the sets as soon as possible and release it in the summer of next year.

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