Kannada actress Swati Satish’s face deteriorated after root canal surgery, there is a huge difference between her look before and now

Facial beauty is very important for any human being. Especially for a girl. And if that girl is an actress, then its importance increases even more. But sometimes due to our carelessness, the face gets in bad shape. Something similar happened Kannada actress (Kannada Actress) Swati Satish (Swati Sathish) of. Swati face root canal surgery (Root Canal Surgery) Since then there has been a lot of swelling due to which she is facing very unbearable pain and swelling. But if it does not go well then it will not be good for his career.

Swati Satish’s face deteriorated after surgery

Recently, Kannada actress Swati Satish had undergone facial surgery. After the failure of this root canal surgery, one is facing pain and swelling. The dentist had assured him that the swelling of the face would be cured in two to three days but now three weeks have passed and the condition of his face remains the same. Actress Swati Satish is still suffering from swollen face and pain. His face is so swollen that he is finding it difficult to recognize people. This is the reason why she is not able to even get out of the house. Actually, they are hesitant to get out of the house.

Swati accuses the treating doctor

Swati accused the doctor and said that he gave incomplete information and wrong medicine about the treatment. However, now Swati Satish is undergoing treatment in another hospital. The actress, who has worked in many films, had a root canal treatment at Oryx Dental Multispecialty Hospital. During the procedure, he was reportedly given salicylic acid instead of anaesthesia. He came to know about this while getting treatment in another hospital. Now the good thing in this is that she is at home and slowly but she is recovering.

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For your information, let us tell you that last month, Kannada’s famous TV actress Chetna Raj died due to the failure of plastic surgery and subsequent complications. She was only 21 years old. He got fat free cosmetic surgery done from a private hospital.

Hospital has not given any response till now

Some of his pictures have surfaced which are becoming quite viral on social media. His face is not really recognizable. Poor cosmetic procedures not only lead to serious medical conditions, but there are also some cases in which life-threatening situations also arise. However, on this condition of Swati Satish and the reports in the media, the hospital has not yet reacted nor issued any clarification.

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