Kangana Ranaut: Kangana supporting Elon Musk..

Kangana Ranaut: Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars, is making sensational decisions and giving shocks after shocks. Starting from ‘Parag Agarwal’, an Indian who is working as Twitter ‘CEO’, he has fired key employees in various departments and dismissed 50 percent of the employees within a week and is acting as ‘I am the king and I am the minister’.

Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut is going to enter politics

While on Twitter, everyone who has a blue tick took another revolutionary decision to pay $8 per month.. Elan is facing criticism from all over the world. However, there is no change in that decision. Recently, Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut has commented in support of Elon Musk’s decision. This Bhama says that it is a good decision for Blue Tick to charge some money.

If the facility is included for free it will not bring any profit to the organization. Collecting money will also improve Twitter. However, in 2021, the organization banned this seller’s Twitter account due to violation of rules. And with these new rules, it remains to be seen if Kangana’s Twitter account will be added again.


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