Kamal, who has crores of property, is unable to fulfill that desire..sad..!!

Not to mention Kamal Haasan’s name in the film industry. He acted in hundreds of movies in his own style and earned crores of property. Not only that, he introduced his daughter as a heroine in the film industry and settled his life. Kamala Haasan’s mistakes made by her daughter at her age earned her a name on social media as a daughter who surpasses her father.

We know Kamal Haasan is a good romantic fellow. We also know how many girls he has romanced. Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan, who took him as an inspiration, is also changing boyfriends. She is in a situation where she does not know where she will stop and whom she will marry. Kamal Haasan’s age will also pass. On the surface it looks glamorous but inside the scene is damaged. But like all elders, he wants to marry Kamala Haasan’s daughter so that his grandsons can play with his granddaughters.

But this Shrutihasan is not able to fulfill that desire. Fans say that if Ammadu commits to one person, as the seasons change, Ammadu changes someone year by year and she has degraded to such a position that she cannot remember who her boyfriend is. Kamal Haasan is very fond of children. His mind will be very happy if there are children roaming around in the house. In this sequence, Shruti, who brought up the topic of marriage with Shruti Haasan many times, never listened to him. This left his dream as an unfulfilled wish.. Unfortunately, when will it be fulfilled..!!

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