Kamal Haasan: ‘Pay off all debts .. eat the food you like’ .. Kamal comments on Vikram movie success ..

Kamal Haasan: There is no telling what range of success Vikram (Vikram) has received in the latest film starring world leader Kamal Haasan. The second week of the release of the movie is pouring rain of collections. The film was a smash hit everywhere, regardless of language. In Tamil Nadu alone, Rs. With a gross of Rs 127 crore, it has become one of the highest grossing films of Kamal Haasan’s career. And across the country, Rs. 210 crores. Dust is rising in both the Telugu states. Vikram, who has been a resounding success abroad, has also poured a tsunami of collections overseas.

Meanwhile, Kamal is very happy with the success of the film. Kamal, who recently attended a blood donation camp in Chennai on Monday, shared some interesting things with the media. Speaking on the occasion, Kamal said, “People want a leader who does not worry about money. I was able to earn Rs. Most people did not understand when I said that I can earn 300 crores. But now it is possible with Vikram‌ movie. I will pay off all my debts immediately with the profits that come with this movie. I eat the food I like. I help my friends and family as much as I can financially. After that I will say that I do not have a chilblain in my hand. I don’t need to pretend to take money from someone else and help others. I do not need a name, I want to be a good man ‘said Kamal.

Meanwhile, it is learned that Vikram has screened Kamal’s film under his own banner Raj Kamal Films International. Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, the film stars Surya in a guest role alongside Vijay Sethupathi and Fahad Shasil. Surya appeared for only 5 minutes but the character was also well connected to the audience.

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