Kajal Aggarwal Interview | Acting in my style as Satyabhama.. Kajal Aggarwal Chitchat

Kajal Aggarwal Interview | Kajal Aggarwal, the beauty of Tollywood, is playing the title role in the movie Satyabhama. Kajal is turning 60 and this movie is being directed by Suman Chikkala. Satya Bhama is going to release in theaters on June 7. In this background Kajal Aggarwal team is busy in promotions. Kajal Aggarwal had a chit chat with the media as part of the promotion. Satyabhama’s features in Kajal Aggarwal’s words..

About the movie..

It is in the background of key issues like youth, games, betting and religion. But the movie does not belittle any religion. This is only part of the story. As you can see in the trailer, the movie has many twists and turns. Do you want to experience an incredible experience and surprise for your eyes in theaters?

What is it like playing a cop on screen..?

Earlier I appeared in a police getup in a Zilla movie. But it is not a serious role. I will be seen as a powerful police officer in Satyabhama. Many heroines have already played police roles. But this is completely new to me. Acting in my style.. I hope you all like it.

How was working with Sasikiran..?

Sasikiran is a good director. He has seen past films. Satyabhama was asked why he is not directing. He said that he is presenting the screenplay of the film. I fully respect Shashi’s decision. He made sure that this movie was successful in every way.

How close is Satyabhama’s character to your real life..?

The character of Satyabhama is close to my personal life. My character in the film is the same as how I would react if something happens in the society in real life. Even if I don’t come out and organize rallies.. I will share my views and thoughts about the incident. Like everyone else, I have personal opinions on things that happen in society.

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