K3 Kotikokkadu: Kicha Sudeep ready for grand release ‘K3 Kotikokkadu’

‘K3: Kotikokkadu’ is a huge movie directed by Shiva Karthik with Kannada star hero Kicha Sudeep as the hero. Co-produced by Shreyas Srinivas and Devendra DK under the banner of Good Cinema Group, the film has already been released in Kannada and has been a blockbuster success. Achieved over Rs 60 crore. The film, which has set a record for the highest grossing film of Sudeep’s career, is also being prepared for a big release in Telugu. Produced by Mass and Action Entertainer, the film is expected to release in Telugu on June 17.

The Telugu trailer of the movie starring Madonna Sebastian and Shraddhadas has already been released and has impressed the audience of all sections. There was also a good response to the first single released from the film. The film is set to release three more songs as part of its musical promotions. Producers are also making special plans for movie promotions. The producers have revealed that Hero Kicha Sudeep has set a record as the highest grossing film of his career and ‘K3 Kotikokkadu’ will be a huge success in Telugu as well. And we have to see how this movie impresses the Telugu audience.

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