K Raghavendra Rao, taking money and praising?

When director Rajamouli spent 200 crore rupees for ‘Baahubali’, we thought how will such an investment return to Telugu cinema. They showed it successfully. The budget of ‘RRRR’ movie is 600 crore rupees. Now 80 crore rupees are spent on Oscar awards. Director-producer Tammareddy’s comments that ten small films can be made with that money are becoming controversial. Actor Nagababu and senior director Raghavendra Rao responded to Tammareddy’s comments.

Raghavendra Rao said…’Telugu cinema, Telugu actors, Telugu literature and Telugu directors should be proud to see the name coming on the world stage. Do you have the details of the calculations to say the cost of 80 crore rupees? Do you mean that directors like James Cameron and Spielberg take money and praise the greatness of our cinema?’ He said.

Nagababu responded…’Thammareddy Bharadwaj has been talking like a movie genius for many days. How many movies did he do? How many of the actors who acted in those films were given rewards? If a Telugu film gets international fame why do you have such a bias? Have you seen the money ‘RRR’ spent for Oscars? Appreciate the movie if you like but we won’t stand by if it is denigrated like this. In the past, Bharadwaja has made many controversial comments about Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi and their political status. Then why did we settle down? But we will not tolerate it anymore’ he said. Tammareddy Bhardwaja explained that his comments were distorted. He only said that he can produce 10 films with the 80 crore rupees spent by ‘RRR’ team for Oscar.

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