Jr NTR: Young Tiger getting mad with makeovers .. Like this for Koratala Shiva movie ..

Jakkanna was well beaten .. He chased me like an animal and turned me into an animal .. NTR (Jr NTR) has been presenting Rajamouli as a working monster. But such work monsters are nothing new in Tarak’s career! There have been many captains in the past and in the past who chase after us to give us what we need. So what .. Ficker Matkaro says Young Tiger. According to Jakkanna’s suggestion for Komuram Bhimudi’s getup in Tripular, the weight has increased well. Lloyd Stevens, a fitness trainer, did some terrific workouts. But .. now the challenge is over. Recently appeared as a six-pack hero in a fight sequences with Aravinda Sametu as a shirtless NTR. Earlier in the day, Tarak looked a bit plump without appearing in a public garage. Now the director struggles to insist on almost such a physique for the Entourage Thirtyth movie.

After leaving the Jakkanna camp, Yangu Yamudu is now busy with makeover work. The target is to lose at least eight kilos in two months. After that, to appear as a kabaddi coach for the movie Buchibabu, you have to increase your muscles again. It is a habit of the NTR to strive for immediate physical transformation. Rajamouli said that Mohammad was fat in student number 1 and disgusting to look at. In that gap, when Vamsi Paidipally Ramaiah came, the current became as thin as a string. Makeover again as a temperamental police officer for Puri. Like .. NTR working style is to change oneself as one wants. His Secret of Success is the same.

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