Jr NTR Politics | Did Junior NTR give a hint about his entry into politics?

After campaigning in 2009 elections..NTR never went towards politics again. At least in these 13 years he didn’t even care about politics. Jr NTR (jr NTR) is busy only with his films. No matter how many times he tried to shake him politically, he avoided it gently. In the end even though his own elder sister contested in the 2019 elections, Junior did not come forward to campaign.

Once in the middle, he stopped the shooting when the campaign was going on saying that he is changing his party.. He said that he will stay in the party that his grandfather had given him as long as he is alive. After that again after many years now a tweet made by him goes viral on social media.

Junior NTR reacts on naming NTR Health University after YSR in AP. He said that both of them are great leaders..there is no need to say anything about them..Now changing NTR’s name to YSR, there is nothing new for him..he has nothing to lose. Just one name change will not diminish the fame of NTR in the hearts of the Telugu people.. His fame cannot be erased’ tweeted Jr. NTR.

NTR made this tweet to protect his legacy as the grandson of the elder.. But this will generate heat politically. Even if not now.. Some seniors already in the party are saying that the reins of the Telugu Desam Party are sure to come to Junior NTR’s hands in the future. At a time like this, Junior’s response to the name change of NTR University has become important. And it remains to be seen what kind of changes it will open in the future.

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