Joyland: Ban on Oscar-nominated film..

Joyland : Joyland.. a Pakistani movie. Saim Sadiq’s first film became a sensation in Pakistan. We have seen many love stories but this love story is more than that. The plot of the film is a love story between a young man and a transgender. The film Sontam, which officially entered the Oscars for 2023 from Pakistan, was banned in its own country a week before its release.

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The opening dialogue of this movie trailer.. “A mosquito and a chicken fell in love. Both kissed. But after that the mosquito got bird flu and the chicken got dengue and died. The reason why they die is love” said the director. A young man who works as a dancer falls in love with a transgender who works as a stage dancer.

But as the society does not accept their love, the rest of the film is what problems they face. However, homosexuality is a legal offense in Pakistan. As a result, the government there took a decision to boycott this movie. While ‘Joyland’ created history as the first Pakistani film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

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