Joker Folie a Deux | ‘Joker’ double entertainment with sequel..Official Update

Joker is an American psychological thriller directed by Todd Phillips. Based on DC Comics characters, Joaquin Phoenix played the title role. Robert De Niro, Jazzy Beetz and Frances Convoy played pivotal roles in this film. This huge blockbuster was nominated in 11 categories at the Oscars.. Jaaquin Phoenix received the best actor award. A lot of news has already surfaced that this movie is going to have a sequel.

A news related to this has now become the talk of the industry. Joker sequel is getting ready. Warner Bros. Pictures informed through social media. The makers have fixed the title ‘Joker: Folie a Deux’ for this film which is coming as a sequel. The sequel will be different from the first part in a dark and confusing drama. The latest talk is that pop beauty Lady Gaga is going to appear as Harley Quinn’s co-partner. The sequel is slated to release on October 4, 2024.

Joker first part released on the same day i.e. October 4, 2019. It is said that Joker is coming to entertain with a sequel after exactly five years. Joker, who created a tsunami of collections at the global box office worldwide, is excitedly waiting to see in what range he will shake the box office with the second part.

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