Jeremy Renner : 30 bones broken.. Avengers actor emotional post..

Jeremy Renner : Avenger films have a special place among the Indian audience in Hollywood films. It is known that our Indian movie lovers have owned the actors who acted in those movies. Recently, Avengers actor ‘Jeremy Renner’ had an accident and was hospitalized. On January 1, Jeremy was involved in an accident while trying to get a relative’s car out of the snow at his home. In this accident, Renner sustained severe injuries on his chest and legs.

Jeremy Renner : Hollywood star actor in danger due to snow in America.. Treatment in ICU..

The actor, who almost went to the brink of death, came back unscathed with the prayers and love of his fans. Jeremy, who has now recovered, was discharged from the hospital and reached home. He shared a photo stating this. This photo shows Jeremy having a physiotherapy session at home. He also wrote an emotional comment tagging this photo.

‘This New Year has changed all my morning workouts and resolutions. I and my family members survived this tragic incident quickly. More than 30 bones were broken in almost all of them. But with the blessings of fans, the love of family and friends, I recovered. Thank you all so much. After recovering from this, I will come to you even stronger’, he wrote an emotional post. And the fans who saw this post are expressing happiness to reach home. They are making comments to come back healthy as always.


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