Jayalalithaa had a big fight with Vithalacharya…NTR settled…!

B. Vithalacharya. A leading director of folk films. Many movies became hits. When it comes to that.. the original Vithalacharya movie means.. Hit! The talk went well at that time. Moreover, the producers were also queuing to make Vithalacharya’s films. He is the only director who made a big hit with a low budget and became a big name in the industry at that time.

And, Vithalacharya has a characteristic. He used to focus on the difficulties of the producers. He used to say that if they face any problem and leave the construction sector, the industry itself will collapse. That’s why.. from remuneration to construction cost.. they also spend carefully. If you bring food from the hotel, the cost will increase.

There was a big dispute between such Vithalacharya and Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha in remuneration. Keeping her in mind, they planned the movie Chikkadu Dorakadu (1966). Annagaru NTR, Kantha Rao and Krishnakumari also acted in it. However.. Jayalalitha and Rama Rao who were in good form then.. are taking huge remuneration. However.. Vithalacharya’s movie is the remuneration he said.

Otherwise.. they will take someone else. Even knowing this, Jayalalithaa demanded 10 lakhs at that time. But Vithalacharya said that there is no increase to 3 to 5 lakhs. With this, Jayalalithaa left. In this context, Vithalacharya is looking for someone else. However.. NTR intervened.. times have changed.. and convinced Vithalacharya that it will not work if you insist that that is all.. fixed at 6 lakhs. The film is.. Annagaru took 5 lakhs, Kanthara 3, Krishnakumari 2.5 lakhs!!

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