James Cameron: Is James Cameron Ali? Why didn’t you come to the Oscars?

Los Angeles: The prestigious Oscars ceremony was held colorfully in Los Angeles today. But the director James Cameron (James Cameron) was silent for that event. His Avatar 2 won an award in the Best Visual Effects category. But film analysts say that there is a reason why he did not come to the award function. Disney’s Avatar 2 competed in all four categories this time. The film is also in the Best Picture category. But there is no James Cameron in the Best Director category. But rumors are spreading that he is away from this Oscars ceremony because he was not nominated for that category. But last week’s dinner with Oscar nominees was attended by James Cameron.

Tom Cruise and Denzil Washington are among the top heroes who are away from the Oscars this time. Tom Cruise, who is acting in the Mission Impossible series, is currently shooting abroad. With this, it seems that he has given up on these awards. Top Gun has been nominated for six awards this time. It seems that Denzil Washington, who won the best actor award three times, went to watch the basketball matches.

Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the 95th Academy Awards, made a joke on stage. Why Cameron did not come to the award function, he laughed in his own style.

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