Jacqueline Fernandez: Go beyond that country .. the court that shocked the heroine

‘The court that gave the bumper offer to the heroine in the cheating case’ .. that means something. Netizens are not the only ones who say this. Trolls .. Mimors .. That word .. What is behind the word. And Bollywood beauty .. Jacqueline Fernandez is familiar to everyone. Is there a money laundering case against Sheikh Hassan bin Rashid Al Khalifa who says she is not her boyfriend ..! However, due to this case, the court issued look-out notices to this beauty at that time. Made her not to leave India and go to any country.

However, Jacqueline recently petitioned a Bombay court to allow her to travel abroad. She said she had to go to Abu Dhabi for the IFA celebrations from May 31 to June 6. From then on, she would also have to go to Nepal and France. But the court only gave permission to go to Abu Dhabi. With the news coming out .. the comment that there is a bumper offer to the heroine in the cheating case .. the memes are going viral. Everyone is grabbing attention

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