Jabardasth Varsha: This is the biggest twist in the history of Jabardasth..!

Jabardasth Varsha : Do you know about Jabardasth Varsha? He got popularity with Jabardast. Once Sudheer and Rashmi couple was so famous.. Now Immanuel and Varsha are as famous. What is the real story between Sudhir and Rashmi? There were also reports that both of them are going to get married. I don’t know what happened after that but.. Sudhir.. left Jabardast. Due to this, the netizens also stopped discussing about the two. After that, Emmanuel and Varsha came into the lime light and started talking about the couple. Not only did both of them do skits together, they also proposed on the Jabardast stage.

We also saw Varsha proposing to Emmanuel saying tell your mother that daughter-in-law is coming. But.. it was all just a prank. In order for the people to watch the skits and to get the name of Jabardasth, they make and show skits saying that there is something between them. In one episode or two episodes it is okay but showing the same thing in every episode is also annoying to the people. Jabardasth management is also doing skits with them as if there is something between them. Finally, in one episode, Immanuel also clapped hands on Varsha’s neck. The netizens and the audience were speechless saying what is the point of getting married on the stage.

jabardasth varsha to leave jabardasth because of immanuel

Jabardasth Varsha : Pressure from Varsha’s house to quit Jabardasth

Knowing about this at Varsha’s house, his family members told Varsha to stop Jabardast immediately as he was crossing the line. He is also making very bad comments about himself and Emmanuel on social media. As a result, the rain is not withstanding. That’s why all this fuss.. His parents are telling him to stop Jabardast immediately. With this, the news that Varsha is leaving Jabardast is currently going viral. Leaving Jabardast.. Will Varsha go to the silver screen? Trying in the movie? We have to wait for a few more days to know.

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