Jabardasth Jabardasth lady comedian who confirmed marriage with rocking Rakesh..!

Jabardasth Raking Rakesh | Watching Jabardast comedy show, many feel like they are in a relationship. Because the promotions will be the same. The organizers release promos by adding them to see if it is good for them to reduce their rating. It has been heard for many years that something will happen between Rashmi Gautham and Sudhir Sudhir. But many people have already clarified that they are only good friends.. there is no relation. All that is seen in Jabardasth is only dramas played for ratings.. They keep saying that there is no reality in it.

Otherwise, for the first time in the history of the Jabardast comedy show, a couple will actually fall in love and get married. They are not who they are.. Rocking Rakesh, Jabardast Sujata. They met for the first time two years later in Jabardast. Since then, Rakesh has been giving Sujata a chance in his skit. He had done skits with children earlier.. and then came doing skits with Sujatha and some other lady comedians. He fell in love with Sujata in this sequence. They have tried to tell the outside world many times that there is a relationship between the two. But till now, he never said directly.. But for the first time, Jabardast Sujatha officially revealed about her marriage with Rocking Rakesh on her YouTube channel.

Speaking as part of Roja’s house tour.. you will already understand about their relationship. Sujata clarified that she will tell more details about the wedding soon. Rocking Rakesh is also present in it. More details about the wedding of the two will come out soon. However, the rest are happy as a couple is getting married from the Jabardasth show.

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