Jabardasth: Do you know who is currently the highest paid team leader among the Jabardasth team leaders?

Jabardasth : It is going to be ten years since the Jabardasth program started. During these 10 years, the remuneration of one or two team leaders has increased significantly, but the remuneration of other team leaders and new team leaders has remained very normal. Ram Prasad and Getup Srinu are currently the highest remunerated team leaders. It seems that they are getting a remuneration of one and a half lakh rupees for one skit. Apart from that, they also have support. After that, the team of Rocket Raghava will be there

Information. According to reliable information, Rocket Raghava is charging one lakh for a single skit. It is said that even though the remuneration for his seniority is low, he has gained good popularity in Jabardast for a long time, so he has been doing that remuneration. Many team leaders continue to believe that with Jabardast, not only the remuneration will be huge but also a good reputation will come. Not only the team leaders but also the contestants appear in Jabardasth just for the name.

who is getting more remuneration for Jabardasth show

There are many starters who appeared in Jabardasth and then got busy in films. That’s why many people are eager to appear first in Jabardasth. Jabardasth introduced many comedians to the Telugu film industry. Even now comedians who have gained good popularity in Jabardasth continue to act in consecutive films, so they do not matter much in terms of remuneration. It seems that the remuneration of other team leaders is less than one lakh.

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