It’s worse in Tollywood.. Are these lady celebrities tortured until the men satisfy them..!

For the last three to four years, we have been hearing a lot of talk about the casting couch in the film industry. But the victims of this casting couch are not only women.. There are also men. However, the cases of male victims are less exposed. As girls, they are not so quick to open up about the sexual harassment they have experienced. Recently Varthanpuri, the grandson of Bollywood’s one-time villain Amrishphuri, has made several comments that he has also faced sexual harassment.

Varthan made his debut as a hero in 2019 with Yeshali Aashiki. Being a new boy, some industry aunties forced him to fulfill their wishes saying that they will give him chances in big films. But Worthen said that he avoided falling into their trap. But even in Tollywood, there are rumors that some celebrity ladies have done programs to put guys in baskets.

It is not important to write their names.. but many people in the industry know about them. If a lady director is looking at the young heroes and rapes them. It is said that a boy star hero, who fell in love with her, gave her comfort. Also, there is a talk that a late lady director is too bold to enjoy with boy heroes since 15 years ago.

Another lady producer (Tollywood boy hero’s mother) also had a similar affair with a young director. However, in this matter, the friendship between the director and the hero got damaged and there was a situation where a fence was placed between them. A star heroine who has been caught up in many controversies and spoiled her personal life also tortures some directors to fulfill her wish.

It is also said that the heroine who claims to be a Telugu heroine, gives offers before her and asks for chances later. Along with them, some young heroines are also sending signals that they are ready for anything for chances. This list also includes some popular names.

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