It’s Official: Bigg Boss Priyanka announced the wedding date.. You will be shocked if you know who the boy is..!!

Lately, we have been hearing a lot of news on social media. Most importantly, wedding news related to star celebrities has become viral in recent times. Recently, once again, Bigg Boss contestant Priyanka gave a funny response to such a fake news..that’s Pinky. Priyanka, who entered the Bigg Boss house as a transgender, gained popularity as Pinky. Most importantly, Pinky’s beauty impressed everyone in Bigg Boss season five. She shocked everyone by speaking openly about her personal family matters.

Recently, many news about Pinki’s wedding have gone viral on social media. In this order, she thought that she should give wisdom to such people through her YouTube channel. She officially announced her wedding date. It is known that Priyanka’s mehndi and yellow function photos have gone viral in the past. In this order, a news saying that Priyanka is going to get married soon has gone viral. Pinky responded to this officially on her YouTube channel.

She said ..”Yes I am going to get married .. After my parents agreed, I stopped to tell you when it was all set .. It is a bit embarrassing to say more .. When will my marriage be ..? Who is my future husband? How are you..? Priyanka, who spent her words till the end saying that everything will be revealed in this video. Moreover, it was shocking to announce in the video that the wedding will take place on February 30, 2024.

Is Priyanka really going to get married? The people were shocked. Finally he was disappointed to know that it was all Frank. Moreover, they are also commenting on who is the lucky one who is going to marry Kundanapu doll Pinky. But after listening to what she said in the beginning of that video, many people also said congratulations saying that Pinky is really going to get married. But such prank videos are not new on YouTube.. In the past, Jabardast Varsha also made many prank videos like this and got scolded by people. More and more comments are heard that TV celebrities are playing such cheap tricks for views..!!

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