Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam | Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam Movie Review

Review: Itlu Maredumilli public
cast: Allari Naresh, Anandi, Vennela Kishore, Praveen, Sampathraj and others
Camera: Ram Reddy
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Conversations: Abburi Ravi
Construction Company: Comedy Movies, Zee Studios
Producer: Rajesh Danda
Written-Directed by: AR Mohan

Allari Naresh, who entertains in comedy roles, impresses with his performance in emotional stories as well. His previous film ‘Naandi’ was a police and courtroom drama and was critically acclaimed. Recently, Naresh acted in the film ‘Itlu Maredumilli’ which discussed another social issue. And to what extent the social issues discussed in this movie reached the audience? Do you know if Naresh could get another success through this film..

About the story:

Srinivas Sripada (Allari Naresh) is a Telugu teacher. He has a mentality that does not tolerate injustices in the system. For the Rampachodavaram by-elections, he has to perform duties in the remote forest village Maredumilli. Srinivas Sripada reaches Maredumalli along with English teacher Vennela Kishore as the Collector (Sampatraj) orders that 100% polling should take place there. The villagers of Maredumilli will sit in fear that they will vote only if the construction of the school, hospital and bridge to cross the river, which have been left as promises for many years, is completed. After that Srinivas Sripada saves a pregnant woman from the danger of death and the villagers trust him. They will participate in the elections and cast 100% votes. The villagers arrested Srinivas Sripada and Vennela Kishore on their way back after completing the elections. They say they will be released only if they fulfill their promises. On the other hand, election counting is getting closer. What decision did the collector take at this time? What are the reasons for the arrest of teacher Srinivas Sripada, who believed that the villagers were a good person? Have the people of Forshan Gudem Maredumilli fulfilled their demands? That’s the rest of the story..

Story Analysis:

It is a fact that no matter how much the society is developing… the living standards of the people are improving, there are still thousands of villages in the country that do not meet the minimum requirements. The director has written this story from a social point of view by linking the problem of a village facing problems in education, medicine, transportation facilities with the thread of election. In the current trend of commercial and love story films, the director’s effort to listen to people’s problems through film is commendable. Although there have been many films in the past in the context of elections, the point chosen in this film seems new. But if any serious story can be told in an engaging manner, the audience will get involved in the story. It seems that the director is confused in this regard. It seems that the emotions are not ripe enough, despite trying to deliver a good message. In the first half, Srinivas and Vennela Kishore reach Maredumilli, where they convince the people and encourage them to vote, Srinivas is accompanied by Mahalakshmi (Anandi) from Maredumilli. An interval bang also creates interest as the villagers boycott Srinivas’ team.

In the second half, the plot lost its grip. All the scenes seem stretched. Episodes like the Collector’s efforts to free Srinivas’ team and the military operation seem silly. Strong emotions should be cultivated in stories that mention public issues. The audience also needs to connect with the problem in the story. That seems to be missing in this movie. Most of the scenes seem to convey messages but the audience is nowhere near connecting emotionally with them. No emotions were seen in the introduction of Nayaka and heroines and the love episode. Climax was also finished as a routine. But it is a relief to find good entertainment in this serious story. Vennela Kishore provided good entertainment with his own sense of humour. In the second half, the comedy episode of Koteswara Rao (Raghubabu) will spread laughter. Abburi Ravi’s dialogues are thought provoking. Like the dialogues, it would have been better if the scenes were written more strongly. The message is impressive that if the conditions of the people are to change, then the politicians as well as the government officials should also do their part.

Actors Performance:

Naresh is no stranger to doing these types of roles. He did full justice to his role. Srinivas, who has a good personality, gave an excellent performance in the role of Sripada. Anandi’s performance as village girl Mahalakshmi is good. She looked beautiful on screen. Vennela Kishore’s comedy is the highlight. Praveen and Raghubabu’s comedy is also good. Sampathraj impressed with his unique style of acting in the role of collector. Sritej, Sethu Raman, Gemini Suresh and others have acted according to the ranges. The construction quality is good. Ram Reddy’s camera showed the forest background beautifully. The art work is nice. Technically, there was a good output in all the departments.


It is a good attempt to discuss public issues through cinema. But the message will reach the audience only when there is novelty and strong emotions in the stories and narratives. Although the message is impressive in ‘Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam’, it has to be said that the emotion is missing.

Rating: 2.5/5.

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